The Global Group of Companies is pleased to announce that as of the 14th February we have established an alliance with EMPSE Group, creating the GLOBAL EMPSE Partnership, specialising in Technical Calls in and around the straits of Gibraltar and Spain.

GLOBAL EMPSE have the necessary skills, resources and technology required in order to conduct afloat repairs and many other technical operations, while providing a Ship and Port Agency service to make your experience as carefree as possible.


EMPSE GROUP have facilities covering an area of more than 3000 square metres dedicated for new ship building and to conduct the technical call which shall be coordinated by GLOBAL EMPSE. Furthermore, EMPSE Group is composed by a technical team of more than 200 personnel.

Services include: Ship Agency, Afloat repairs, Construction, Building, Bunker Surveying, Underwater Cleaning and inspection and much more…

GLOBAL EMPSE’s professional and dedicated Ship Agency will provide you with a specialised service making it your number 1 choice!

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