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Fender Rentals

Fendertech stock a wide range of marine fenders locally from as small as 1.0m x 3.0m all the way up to 3.3m x 6.5m fully netted full-sized fenders for use by ocean-going vessels.

Fender Sales & Refurbishment

Refurbishment of fenders is undertaken locally with service ranging from a simple puncture repair right up to a complete overhaul and re-netting of a 3.3m – 6.5m fender. Sales of fenders is also provided direct from our main supplier in the Netherlands.

Introducing the NEW ‘RIB FENDER’

No netting or tyres, minimising maintenance costs.

Ship-to-Ship Cargo Transfer

Fendertech in partnership with STS Marine Solutions, is fully-licensed by the Gibraltar Port Authority to conduct lightering operations both in port anchorage as well as offshore Gibraltar. All of our equipment & operations conform to OCIMF guidelines and are maintained to the highest standards as per STS Marine Solutions‘ stringent in-house operating policies & regulations.

Mooring Masters

Mooring masters are all employed directly by STS Marine Solutions. All Mooring Masters are fully trained and to the highest standards and fully experienced mariners. Roles of the Mooring Masters entails both the berthing/unberthing of ships as well as overseeing the complete lightering operation. Arrival of Mooring Masters can be arranged within hours, subject to flight connection availability.


Primary Fenders:- 2.5 x 5.5m & 3.3 x 6.5m

Baby Fenders:- 1.0 x 2.0m & 1.5 x 3.0m

Cargo Hoses:-  8″, 10″ & 12″ for both clean & dirty products.

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